Combining expertise from the fields of finance, restructuring, and digitalization

The Blackster Team

Our team has extensive experience in private equity and restructuring. With the diverse backgrounds of our senior board and our employees, areas such as legal, real estate, FMCG, and software can be competently managed in our portfolio companies. The advisory board's expertise in the respective industries is also essential to our strategic decisions.

Ulrich Clemm

Managing Partner
Lead 25+ M&A transactions

Axel Buchholz

Head of Restructuring
17+ years as an interim CEO

Dr. Axel Pajunk

Head of Legal
50+ M&A transactions

Sebastian Pötzscher

Head of Target Product Development
15+ years as an FMCG Executive

Benedikt Ess

Associate Partner
Co-Founder Reachbird AG (Software)

Dominik Clemm

Associate Partner
ex. UBS (Banking)

Dino Mörtl

Investment Director
ex. Paradigm Capital (Hedgefonds)

Dr. Christoph Ballin

Advisor — Strategy
ex. McKinsey & Company, Founder Torqeedo

Marco Schulz

Advisor — Tech & Software
MD Sonos Europe

Dr. Philip Scherenberg

Advisor — Human Capital
Partner ZS Leadership

Mareen Lissner

Advisor — Sustainability
15+ Marketing Lead, MBA Sustainability Leuphana University

Roland Gerold

Advisor — Legal & Real Estate
Partner Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Digital and Technology Experts

Name Position
Barna Kovacs
Advisor — Software Engineer
Julian Freese
Product Support & Advisory
Sofieke van Bilsen
Head of Content
Vasile Labici
UI/UX Designer
Vova Vindar
UI/UX Designer

Office Management & Assistance

Name Position
Nicole Parisius
Office Management

Nicole Parisius

Office Management

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