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Property monitoring software for the retail sector. The software creates reports on legal risks about the location.
Europe’s leading soap and skincare manufacturer specializing in development and production.
Software for monitoring and researching intellectual property; legal advisory services for businesses.
A platform that enables its users to manage, optimize and standardize household bills and other monthly expenses.
Romulus Areal
Real estate company with innovative and future-oriented solutions for everything to do with leasehold rights.
Enna creates a unique access for the elderly into the digital world and enables full participation in technological innovations.
MinQi is the digital platform for workplace wellbeing with sessions and trainings for employees' mental and physical health.
Dicomputer has specialized in the development, installation and maintenance of modular solutions for beverage trade for 30 years.
Die Komplizen
Die Komplizen network helps young with career planning providing coaching and mentorships.
Wohnen im Alter
Online portal for finding nursing homes, outpatient services and products for seniors.
I-Stone develops and produces innovative sorbents for large-scale use in filter technology.
Innovative product solutions for room and automotive scenting.

Exit — Acquired by: adesso SE

Tech-Driven Influencer Marketing Agency that offers companies and content creators a technology for campaign management.

Investments for the future